AMSOIL Oil Filters

Superior Oil Filtration for Cars and Light Trucks

AMSOIL Oil Filters feature advanced, full-synthetic media that traps and holds a greater amount of small, wear-causing contaminants compared to conventional filters. They provide extended service intervals for increased convenience while helping reduce engine wear.

High Efficiency

Efficiency is a filter’s ability to capture contaminants. The more efficient a filter is, the more contaminants it will remove from oil. Oil Filters provide a filtering efficiency in accordance with industry standard ISO 4548-12 of 99 percent at 20 microns – one of the best ratings on the market. Some competitors also claim 99 percent efficiency, but at larger particle sizes of 30 to 40 microns

AMSOIL Oil Filters Efficiency
Less Restriction

Proper oil flow is essential to keep engine parts lubricated at all times. Oil Filters’ synthetic fibers are smaller than the fibers used in traditional filters, allowing for lower restriction which decreases engine wear. Our filters allow oil to flow through more easily than a typical cellulose filter does during cold-temperature warm-ups.

Contaminant Retention

A filter’s capacity refers to the amount of contaminants it can hold and still remain effective. The Oil Filters have a greater capacity for small, wear-causing contaminants than competing filter lines. They last longer and ensure the oil is properly filtered.

AMSOIL Oil Filter EAOM103
AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil Filters

• 99% efficiency at 20 microns1 for maximum protection against engine wear
• Help extend engine life
• Help improve performance
• Fluted for easy removal

1In accordance with industry-standard ISO SO 4548-12.


Superior Construction

AMSOIL Oil Filters are made with premium-grade full-synthetic media. The strictly controlled processing of this media ensures accurate filter construction and delivers higher capacity and efficiency along with better durability.

Our full-synthetic media technology is resin-free to resist degradation from hot oil. It features a rigid mesh material that is pleated with the media for superior strength.

The Oil Filters are constructed with nitrile gaskets that remain flexible and have been tested to extreme distances in severe environments. They feature fully tucked seams, a molded element seal, roll-formed threads and a long-lasting, premium-grade silicone anti-drainback valve.

AMSOIL Oil Filters Construction
Easy Grip

AMSOIL Oil Filters feature a textured coating to ease installation and removal.

AAIn accordance with industry-standard ISO SO 4548-12.
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