AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Engine Oil

10W-30 & 10W-40

AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Engine Oil is a premium synthetic formulation designed to withstand the heat and stress of high-rpm operation and deliver excellent wear protection. It protects against rust and corrosion during periods of inactivity and long-term storage to keep your engine protected, even when it’s not running. AMSOIL Marine Engine Oil is perfect for hardcore anglers and boating enthusiasts who demand the best protection for their marine engines.

Fights Engine Wear

The AMSOIL Marine Engine Oil’s naturally strong base oils resist viscosity loss due to mechanical shear. It develops a tough lubricating film that protects engine parts, even in high-heat, high-rpm conditions that break down other oils. AMSOIL Marine Engine Oil contains robust anti-wear additives that further reduce wear in metal-to-metal contact regions, guarding against compression loss for maximum power and engine life.

Excellent Anti-Rust Performance

Good rust protection is not natural to motor oil; it comes only by design. AMSOIL Marine Engine Oil is fortified with potent inhibitors that guard against damaging rust and corrosion. It protects engines during use and during inactivity or long-term storage.

10W 40 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil G2133
AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil

• Excellent high-stress, high-rpm endurance
• Increased rust and corrosion protection
• NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible
• Perfect for hardcore anglers and boaters who demand the best protection for their marine engines


NMMA Certified

AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Engine Oil is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers
Association (NMMA) for use in four-stroke outboard motors. This high-quality oil demonstrates
outstanding performance and meets the requirements of the NMMA FC-W
Catalyst Compatible specification, which is backward-compatible with
the FC-W specification.
• 10W-40 – FC-W (CAT)® Registration Number: FC-00850T
• 10W-30 – FC-W (CAT)® Registration Number: FC-00833T

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