DC Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oil

ISO VG 100 & 150

AMSOIL DC Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oil is a long-life, premium compressor lubricant based on unique, proprietary technology. It improves compressor efficiency and extends drain intervals in reciprocating (piston) compressors and vacuum pumps where high discharge temperatures or carbon buildup are a concern.

AMSOIL DC Series Oil incorporates high-quality, thermally stable synthetics esters fortified with premium non-detergent, ashless additives for maximum protection at high temperatures and pressures where petroleum lubricants typically break down.

Improves Compressor Efficiency

AMSOIL DC Series Oil is designed to prevent hard carbon deposits on valves for greatly improved compressor efficiency, Valve maintenance intervals are extended and recompression is virtually eliminated. AMSOIL DC Series Oil helps reduce heat and improve compressor efficiency, saving money through lower electrical energy consumption.

Reduces Wear

Unlike other compressor oils. AMSOIL Oil is anti-wear fortified. It helps reduce wear in high contact regions for increased compressor life and efficiency.

Extends Oil Life

AMSOIL DC Series Oil combines the inherent oxidation resistance of synthetic esters with highly potent oxidation inhibitors. It lasts several times longer than petroleum oils, effectively reducing maintenance and waste-oil disposal costs.

Reduces Oil Consumption

The low volatility and highly polar nature of AMSOIL DC Series Oil reduces the amount of oil needed for cylinder lubrication compared to petroleum oils. Drip feed rates can be lowered, downstream oil is minimized and money is saved on make-up oil.

Resists Water Contamination

Water from condensation builds up in compressors and can cause oil/water emulsions, environmental discharge hazards and rust. AMSOIL DC Series Oil readily separates from water and it is anti-rust fortified. Water can be easily drained off for simplified environmental discharge and increased oil life.

Safety Advantage

AMSOIL DC Series Oil features an ashless, high-flash-point formulation with low carbon-forming properties to minimize ignition-promoting “hot spots.” While AMSOIL DC Series Oil can provide improved fire safety. It cannot be considered non-flammable.

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