DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost

Provides Effective Heat Transfer and Enhanced Corrosion Protection

Racers demand lower engine operating temperatures to achieve maximum efficiency and horsepower on the track. Many racers use straight water as a coolant, which invites damaging radiator and water-pump corrosion. AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost provides racers and motorists significantly lower engine operating temperatures, quicker warm-up times and advanced corrosion protection.

DOMINATOR Coolant Boost is formulated with proprietary tiered-surfactant technology, providing quick and effective heat transfer inside radiators and cylinder heads and resulting in reduced operating temperatures, more efficient operation, increased horsepower and significantly reduced engine warm-up times in cold weather and before a race. Coolant Boost also contains a robust mixture of corrosion inhibitors that protect the radiator, heater core, water pump, cylinder heads, engine block and intake manifold from the damaging effects of corrosion.

Engine Warm-up Reduction Test

To test DOMINATOR Coolant Boost’s ability to reduce engine warm-up times, the product was added to an antifreeze/water mixture in a V-8 test engine. The engine was run at idle until it reached a prescribed temperature of either 120ºF (48.9°C) or 180ºF (82.2°C). Ambient temperature was maintained at 30ºF (-1°C) to simulate winter conditions. DOMINATOR Coolant Boost improved warm-up times, which helps motorists defrost the windshield and warm the cabin sooner on cold days.

Engine Warm-up Time Reduction

30˚F TO 120˚F (49°C TO 82°C)

30˚F TO 180˚F (49°C TO 82°C)

Warm-up with 50/50 Antifreeze/Water Only

6.3 Min.

11.4 Min.

Warm-up with Coolant Boost Added

3.2 Min.

5.3 Min.

Temperature Reduction Dynamometer Test

To test temperature-reduction capabilities, controlled engine dynamometer (dyno) tests were performed on a 350 cubic inch Chevy* engine with an aluminum block and cylinder heads. In each phase of testing, the engine was operated at 4,500 rpm until coolant temperature stabilized. As benchmarks for the test, straight water stabilized at 220˚F (104.4°C) and a 50/50 antifreeze/water mixture stabilized at 228˚F (108.9°C). Reducing engine temperatures helps racers retain power and cool the engine in extreme conditions.

Temperature Reduction


Mixed with 50/50 Antifreeze/Water

8˚F (4.5°C) reduction

Mixed with Straight Water

25˚F (13.8°C) reduction

DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost RDCBCN scaled
DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost

Provides effective heat transfer and enhanced corrosion protection
• Reduces engine temps up to 25°F (13.8°C)
• Helps vehicles warm up an average of 54% faster


Cast Aluminum Alloys Corrosion Test

The Cast Aluminum Alloys Corrosion Test (ASTM D4340) measures corrosion protection properties in modern automobile and high-performance race engines with aluminum cylinder heads. A cast aluminum puck was heated to 275˚F (135°C) at 28 PSI and exposed to the test coolant mixture for one week. Weight loss of less than 1.0 mg is required to pass the test. Reducing corrosion helps maximize engine and cooling-system life in racing and passenger vehicles.

ASTM D4340

(in straight water)


Weight loss in mg (1.00 max)



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