SEVERE GEAR® EP Synthetic Racing Gear Lubricant

Engineered to Protect Hard-Driven Racing Differentials

Racers, rockcrawlers and other off-road enthusiasts invest thousands of dollars and countless hours in their rigs. Professional competition and weekend off-roading, however, take a toll on differentials. Intense pressure can break the lubricant film and lead to gear and bearing wear. In racing applications, increased G-forces can sling the lubricant off gears, leaving them exposed to wear, while gear lubes that don’t cling well to parts can fail to protect ring and pinion gears when the vehicle is run at steep angles, such as during rockcrawling. For maximum differential performance and life, enthusiasts need a gear lube that combines excellent wear protection, the ability to cling to parts during severe operation and good fluidity. AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR EP Synthetic Racing Gear Lubricant delivers peace of mind in that expensive, high-performance racing and competition differentials are well protected in the toughest conditions.

Protects Against Wear

SEVERE GEAR is formulated with an extra-heavy treatment of additives and shear-stable, heavy synthetic base oils for high film strength. It cushions metal surfaces and absorbs the impact of moving parts, protecting gears against wear in extreme conditions. Its proprietary extreme-pressure additives form an iron-sulfide barrier on gear surfaces for the ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring.

Provides Fast Protection

SEVERE GEAR doesn’t contain the irregularly sized and shaped molecules inherent to conventional oils. As a result, it provides excellent fluidity despite its high viscosity to quickly reach gears and bearings at startup. Its superior fluidity also reduces drag and energy loss, helping drivers put maximum power to the ground.


• Premium-grade, extreme-pressure gear lube engineered specifically for high-load demands.
• Shear stable in extreme temperatures.
• Provides cushion between metal surfaces that absorbs impact to prevent pitting, scoring and wear.
• Excellent for severe racing applications subject to shock loading, steep angles, high pinions, G-forces and lubricant sling-off.


Clings Tenaciously to Parts

SEVERE GEAR is specifically engineered for high-horsepower, high-torque conditions where centrifugal gear lube sling-off is encountered. Its tenacious formulation clings to gears and bearings for maximum protection during shock loading, high G-forces and where pinion gears are installed at steep angles. SEVERE GEAR provides excellent reliability and helps extend gear life.

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