SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil

ISO 32/46

AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil is formulated with premium synthetic ester technology. This high-quality, long-life fluid lasts several times longer in use than mineral-based oils. AMSOIL SIROCCO Compressor Oil is fully formulated with non-detergent additives and is designed for use in rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps. SIROCCO effectively protects against wear, oxidation, foam and rust. Its inherent lubricity and good thermal conductivity allow it to reduce heat and energy consumption. AMSOIL SIROCCO Synthetic Compressor Oil increases operating efficiency, reducing energy and maintenance costs. AMSOIL SIROCCO maintains performance across a wide operating temperature range. Its low pour point , high viscosity index and lack of paraffins (wax)make it an excellent all-season lubricant. At cold temperatures, equipment starts easier and the lubricant starvation and excessive wear. SIROCCO also repels water to help prevent damaging oil/water emulsions, allowing for longer lubricant live and ease of water removal from the reservoir.

Outstanding Engine Protection

Wear on camshaft lobes can negatively impact valve timing, leading to loss of horsepower and fuel economy. AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil’s strong fluid film keeps metal surfaces separated, while its robust anti-wear additives further reduce wear in metal-to-metal contact regions for maximum engine life. Third-party testing shows AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers up to 6X more wear protection than required by a leading industry standard, helping maximize vehicle life and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Performance Features

• Resists foaming
• Inhibits rust and oxidation
• Readily separates from water
• Recommended for use in rotary screw compressors
• Long-life/extended-drain performance
• Compatible with polyglycol fluids such as SullairSullube32 and Ingersoll-RandSSR Ultra-Coolant*

AMSOIL SIROCCO Synthetic Compressor Oil has higher flash, fire and auto-ignition points than competitive petroleum oils. Although SIROCCO increases fire safety, it cannot be considered non-flammable.

Application Recommendation

AMSOIL SIROCCO Synthetic Compressor Oil is a multi-viscosity oil that may be used in applications calling for either ISO 32 or ISO 46 compressor oil or coolant. It is recommended for use in single- and multi-stage rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps.

When installing AMSOIL SIROCCO Synthetic Compressor Oil, it is recommended that the old oil be thoroughly drained and, if warranted, the system cleaned. if a lot of residue is found on the internal compressor parts, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for removal prior to installing the new oil.

AMSOIL SIROCCO has a high level of solvency and may remove deposits left in the system. Check the filters and oil/air separators regularly for the first hours of operation and replace as necessary.

AMSOIL SIROCCO Synthetic Compressor Oil is compatible with and recommended as a replacement of higher-prices polyalkylene glycol (PAG) compressor oils or coolants such as Sullair Sullube 32 and Ingersoll Rand SSR Ultra Coolant. No flushing is necessary when changing over from glycol coolants to AMSOIL SIROCCO Synthetic Compressor Oil. However, draining the system and changing the filters is recommended.

*All trademarked names are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. No affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, is made by their use. All products advertised here are developed by AMSOIL for use in the applications shown.

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