ATV Mud Protection: Unleash the Power of Mudslinger

Keith Klein

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ATV Mud Protection: Unleash the Power of Mudslinger

John Gardner: Let's play in the mud. Mud is in my blood. Sunny with a chance of mud.

Welcome to this AMSOIL Tech Tip. If you haven't figured it out now, it's all about the mud. And when it comes to ATVs, well, ATV and mud go together just like ATVs and service goes together. So let's take a look at what you need to do to some of these ATVs. Well, obviously, the safety checklist there: check all your fluids, your nuts and bolts, your air pressure, everything. But then there's the actual maintenance lubrication chart here. You can see it starts at the top with the valves and works all the way down to the front brakes. There's a lot you have to do, but what people don't think about, Len, is mud and ATVs. Man, you're living proof that we got a product that works. Man, explain this to me, buddy.

Len Groom: Well, we had a product called Mudslinger, and this was a test of that product. Unfortunately, they got me to stand there and get hosed down. Now, the way the product works is, you can apply it to the dirt bike or the ATV before you ride, and what it's supposed to do is it helps you get the mud off.

John Gardner: Now, I don't think it's supposed to do it. It works. I mean, you were covered. You were doing some off-roading there, and it worked. Well, you know what? Why don't you demonstrate how good it really works for us?

Len Groom: Sure, and what we can do here is talk about the fact that this also makes a very good cleaner and polish, and it'll bring the plastics back to life, as well as apply a nice layer of UV coating to it. So all you need to do, even if the surface has got a little spotting on it, it's not a problem. Go ahead and spray it down. Don't be shy with this one. You really cannot use too much. You can go ahead and spray it real nicely. Then what you want to do is just give it a wipe, and you'll see that plastic start to come back to life because these things are known to get scratched, and get dirty, and get faded because, you know, they're in the mud.

John Gardner: Now, it looks really good, but the important part you told me about earlier is, I could do some prevention, pre-prevention before I go in the mud.

Len Groom: That's true. You can. Once the machine is clean, before you get it all dirty, you would apply this under the fenders, to the tops of the fenders, let it dry for about 15 minutes, and it'll provide a layer that, when you come back when it's all dirty, it'll allow you, as you saw in my video, to just get rinsed clean.

John Gardner: Well, I'm all about that.

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ATV Mud Protection: Unleash the Power of Mudslinger

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