Cars On Main 2023 – Come Join Us!

Keith Klein

Main Street Oil

Exhibiting Sunday July 30, 2023

"Cars on Main"

18th Annual Car Show
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Cars on Main - 18th Annual Classic Cars and Hot Rods Event
at the intersection Main Street & Lannon Road, Lannon, Wisconsin
July 30th, 2023

Thanks to the Village of Lannon and the Lannon Lions Community Center AND Lannon Lions Club, the Lannon Fire Department and other  businesses and individuals of Lannon, Wisconsin for this event!

Thanks to Wisconsin Business Owners , Members , Sponsors and our Hosts for free snacks, beverages and music at this event:

Jennifer Bartelt, Owner of Main Street Framing
Jennifer is a resident of Lannon, and business owner as well...and her Dad started this event!  Jennifer goes out of her way to help other people and businesses, and has been a long-time sponsor of Wisconsin Business Owners.

Greg Vaughn, Vaughn Enterprises, Inc.
Heather Schwartz, Heather Schwartz Photography
Dave Walter, Tite-Spot Welders, Inc.
Gail YaegerDove Celebration, LLC
Nate KleinPatriot Landscape Co. LLC
Jamie ShibleyThe Expressory
Tamara Burkett, Tamara Burkett Global
Mike Raber, Global View Capital Management, LTD.
Bill Sargent, Milwaukee Headshots
Moe Khaled, Luxury Auto Sales & Service
Abe Khaled, Luxury Auto Sales & Service
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Mark Mullarky, Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC
and yours truly, Keith Klein, Proprietor of, Organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners and Founder and CEO of OnYourMark, LLC

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Downtown Lannon
20100 Main Street
Lannon, WI 53046
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
For Show Information Write/Call:
Call Keith Klein at 262-853-7900 or

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Keith Klein
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners
Founder & CEO, OnYourMark, LLC

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