Drum Material Handling: Hand Truck vs. Drum Truck

Keith Klein

Safe and efficient drum material handling is fundamental to your safety and success.

Real people compare Hand Truck vs. Drum Truck with 500 Lb. Drum. Use ergonomic Drum Trucks for moving drums and to keep employees safe. Tilt to horizontal for dispensing drum into 5-gallon pail. This barrel truck will handle a 30-gallon to size 85-gallon drum. See full product details at: https://morsedrum.com/product/160

Visit Morse on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MorseDrum/

See Morse and S & G Enterprises for Drum Material Handing 

Morse is "The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment." We provide 55-gallon (210 liter) drum material handling solutions, such as hand drum trucksmobile drum handlersforklift attachments including heavy-duty models capacities up to 2500 Lb. (1136 kg).  See https://morsedrum.com/ 

Morse Mfg. Co., Inc. is very similar to AMSOIL in my opinion.  Both are multi-generation, privately held firms with an exceptional focus on - and leadership in - their respective industries.  They command a good price by making premium products right here in the USA.  Safety and performance are top factors in decision-making.  Both sell through a strong dealer network. 

S & G Enterprises is an application-driven, value-added solution provider for Morse.  We've worked with S & G since the late 90s, and S & G has represented Morse for about as long.  S & G manufactures specialty waste disposal equipment, including drum crushers and drum compactors, and is another multi-generation, privately-held firm with exceptional focus on safety & value.  Both firms realize an excellent synergy to deliver superior value to their customers.  

See the S & G Morse drum handling products overview at https://www.ramflat.com/morse/morse-drum-handling-overview/  At this page you can download the entire Morse Drum Handling products catalog for free.  Please contact S & G with questions; best to callemail or visit the S & G site for best response.  They do invite you to engage with S & G on social media (just not for immediate needs).

You will find S & G on the following social media sites, among many others: 


I encourage AMSOIL dealers, retailers and customers who work with drums to explore the websites of Morse and S & G Enterprises for drum material handling needs (please start with S & G, or mention them in any phone or web contact with Morse).  Safety and value are important to both.

Please contact me, Keith, at 262-853-7900 for information about the AMSOIL preferred customer program, including the discounts you get enabling you to buy at wholesale prices.  And, as we said, Preferred Customers get a print copy of the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Magazine FREE via US Mail - as well as wholesale pricing on AMSOIL products.  Click here to become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer, or contact Keith, at 262-853-7900.  


Keith Klein
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