How to Extend ATV Life

Welcome to Tech tips I'm Len Groom, technical product manager for Powersports. This article explains how to extend ATV life.

I get asked very often, what can I do to make my ATV last longer? It's not an uncommon question because with the prices of these machines, people are keeping them longer. So here's a few things that you can do to make that machine last so you can get the most out of it.

The first thing and always one of the most important things, is to make sure you're changing your oil, but also that you're using a quality synthetic.

Changing the oil on ATVs is relatively simple. You're going to find your oil plug, drain the oil out of it and make sure that you always change your oil filter. Some people like to skip this - don't do it!

Often overlooked are the differentials, there's one in the front and one in the rear. With the sheer size of these vehicles and some of the things we're asking them to do such, as plowing or towing, the oil needs to be maintained. People forget to do this and you see problems to extend ATV life.

AMSOIL severe gear line is what we recommend for this. In this case, a 75-w90. Changing the oil on the differentials isn't as difficult as you would think, here's how to change the oil in the differential.

The first thing you need to do is drain it. So locate the plug on the bottom, remove it, drain the oil out. Then you're going to want to replace the oil. Fill it till it overflows, put the cap back in - you're done!

A sachet of ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid with outstanding formulation, which allows you to confidently and safely push your machine to the limit. If you are thinking about how to extend ATV life, remember to change your oil regularly.


If you ever have question on any of the grease points on your ATV, the owner's manual is a good place to look for that matter. If you're looking for fluid capacities or drain plug locations, the owner's manual is going to be your friend.

So today, we talked about how to extend ATV life, and some of the different things that we can do, the differentials especially. What we're asking them to do - with the size and the weight of these machines severe gear, always a good idea!

With the motor oil, we have you covered with a 0W-40 that takes care of you if you're out plowing and it's very cold and it needs to start. It also has you covered if you're out riding with your friends and the temperatures happen to be climbing.

The last thing – Quickshot. We always recommend that you're treating your fuel every time. Quickshot can help with varnish; with any gumming. It also helps with any of the effects of ethanol, blended fuel.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to help extend ATV life.

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