Mastering Your V-Twin Motorcycle Oil Change with AMSOIL

Keith Klein

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Mastering Your V-Twin Motorcycle Oil Change with AMSOIL

John Gardner: Nothing like the base distinctive sound of a Harley-Davidson.

Welcome to this AMSOIL Tech Tip. That's right, we're talking about the big twin models, the service, the maintenance, and everything that goes in between. And I want to draw your attention down here to the engine filter. This thing's riddled with X marks, but you see across there, every one of the intervals. Now, another thing to look at: you got the primary and you got the transmission. Different entities on that bike, different systems that need lubrication.

Now, you can see right here, you actually have the crankcase. Now, the crankcase, you got your pistons, your rods, everything in here needs lubrication. You need an oil for that. Over here, you got your primary, and you got your crankcase, everything going on in there, the gears, the bearings. You need a lubrication for that. Well, at AMSOIL, you guys made it easy, Len. You guys got the answer for all the Harley.

Len Groom: You know, we did. We start to recognize people don't want to have to think when they're going to change the oil on these things. It's already taking up enough time, so we thought, alright, let's put together a kit that has everything in it that you need to change the oil on your bike.

John Gardner: Bam, there you go. So, we're dealing with the first product right here. We got the oil.

Len Groom: Right, this is an engine oil change kit. We've got our 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Oil in there.

John Gardner: And not just the oil. I hate going back and forth to the part store. So, man, you got all the oil you need to do your engine oil.

Len Groom: Everything in there for this particular bike's oil change. There's an O-ring in there. Make sure you change that O-ring.

John Gardner: Got to love that. I mean, how many times you watch it drip without the O-ring? And then, man, one of my favorites, bam.

Len Groom: There you go.

John Gardner: Not only an oil filter but, ta-da, WOW!

Len Groom: The chrome one. And we also have that available in the black filters as well. So, whatever you like, it's up to you.

John Gardner: And, you know, time's money. You're going back to the part store, you know, this, that, I don't have enough quarts, I don't have the right filter. That's not the case. That kit is going to save you time and save you money.

Now, there's old school guys like me. Maybe I don't want to put that in the gearbox. I don't want to put it in the primary. I don't want to put it in the oil, but you can. You can run this in everything, can't you?

Len Groom: That's correct. Our primary recommendation is our 20W-50 motor oil in all three of the sumps. However, somebody like yourself wants to use a dedicated primary fluid or a transmission fluid, we have that as well.

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