Infomercial: AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy Pack Infomercial

Keith Klein

Hi! We’ll discuss AMSOIL severe gear easy pack infomercial.

Servicing differentials is virtually impossible! The confined space makes fill holes difficult to reach. Industry standard conical bottles are rigid and hard to squeeze.

That combination makes for a messy job, plus you can't get all of the gear lube out of the bottle; so, you have to buy more than you need to complete the job, and engineering your own solution only results in disaster. Not anymore!

Buy AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy Packs Products

Introducing the new AMSOIL Severe Gear easy pack. Easily access hard to service differentials, easily squeeze out all of the contents, and easily stay clean while you do it.

No more leftover fluid or inconvenient, rigid bottles. No more trouble reaching difficult fill holes. No more mess.

AMSOIL severe gear in the new easy pack - the solution to all your problems.

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