Faster Vehicle Warmup: How to Help Warm Up Your Vehicle Faster

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Faster Vehicle Warmup

Welcome to Tech tips! I'm Len Groom. Faster Vehicle Warmup: Today, we'll discuss how to help warm up your vehicle faster, so we’re going to talk about AMSOIL Dominator coolant boost.

Now coolant boost, when you think about it, is something that you'd put in your cooling system to help reduce operating temperatures. That's why you see many of these different additives advertised, as we want to reduce your operating temperature.

But what about cold weather, how to help faster vehicle warmup?

AMSOIL ransom testing to take a look at both of these different areas; how can we help reduce the engine's operating temperature; and how can we help faster vehicle warmup?

Believe it or not, those two things relate. Let's check it out.

AMSOIL Dominator coolant boost utilizes a proprietary tiered surfactant technology.

Now that's a mouthful but really, all the surfactant does is - it reduces the surface tension of water and antifreeze, and it allows better contact with the metal surface. This closer contact increases the coolant's efficiency. And remember, the coolant is in charge of transferring the heat away from hot engine parts.

Many leading coolant additives contain just one surfactant, and that means that their temperature range of effectiveness is very limited. AMSOIL's Dominator coolant boost uses a tiered surfactant technology.

Surfactants are temperature sensitive and each one of them has a very specific operating range. Take a look at this graphic (kindly refer to the video above). The graphic illustrates the operating range of the Dominator coolant boost.

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As you can see, it's broken into three tiers: tier one is your low temperatures, this would be your cold startup of your engine; tier two would be a medium temperature or your transition tier, that means that the engine is starting to warm up and approach operating temperature; tier three is your high temperature, this is racing temperatures, this is hot busy traffic jam - type of temperatures that your vehicle is going to see.

Coolant boost is capable of providing this increased efficiency all the way across all of these different temperature bands indicated.

Here at AMSOIL, we test everything and graphic B (kindly refer to the video above) outlines the results of a test we ran in our mechanical test facility.

Generally, when your antifreeze reaches 120 degrees, you feel heat coming from the defroster. We tested the time it took to run the coolant from 30 degrees to 120 degrees and you can see the results here (kindly refer to the video above).

Coolant without coolant boost took 6.3 minutes. Coolant treated with coolant boost only took 3.2 minutes to get to 120 degrees; that's a 49 percent improvement over untreated antifreeze.

Now, we talked about tiered surfactants. So the temperature to run from 30 to 180 in an untreated system was 11.4 minutes. When we treated it with coolant boost it reduced that time down to 5.3 minutes. That's a 54 percent Improvement in warm-up time.

So, there you have it! The results clearly show that coolant boost has your system protected from cold startup all the way up to extreme operating environments.

Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time.

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