Start Simple Fixing Transmissions, Replace Transmission Fluid First

Keith Klein

Fixing Transmissions - Replace Transmission Fluid

Often it's best to start simple fixing transmissions, replace transmission fluid first.

Today we're talking about how to fix a jerky transmission.

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If you've got a transmission that shifts erratically, jerks, or hesitates, start with the easiest fix, your transmission fluid.

Your fluid level could be low and low. Fluid can prevent the transmission from shifting properly. If that's the problem it's important to figure out why the fluid is low and fix that issue a leaky seal or other mechanical defect can cause this. If you haven't taken care of it you haven't really fixed the problem. Your ETF could be worn out. Most people ignore transmission maintenance but your transmission fluid loses some of its frictional properties as it ages. When your vehicle's computer tells the transmission to shift hydraulic pressure provided by the fluid squeezes a series of plates together inside a clutch pack to connect the engine to its transmission output shaft and Route the power to the wheels.

The fluid's frictional property plays a vital role in ensuring the clutch plates bind together and properly shift the transmission. A fluid with degraded frictional properties can lead to elongated jerky or inconsistent shifts that means it's time for a fluid change.

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How do you know the fluid is actually worn?

Fluid analysis is really the only definitive way but if it smells burned or looks dirty it's likely due for service. It's best to do that before the fluid is completely worn out adaptive Transmissions. Learn your driving habits and fluid characteristics to adjust the shifts accordingly as the fluid loses frictional properties.

The computer compensates and adjusts after a fluid change. The computer might think that the fluid is still aged and it could cause some poor shift quality in the beginning. Extreme cold can also cause elongated shifts.

Our signature series transmission fluid is really good. Look at this chart (in the video) showing how good it is after more than 180 000 miles in a Las Vegas taxi. No ATF will fix a broken transmission but using a high quality synthetic fluid can help improve shift quality and maximize your transmission life.

For more information about any of our transmission products check out Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

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